Hello everyone, Stephanie Willis here and I am a full time stay at home mother of three, Sally, Teresa and Taylor, living in Boca Raton, Florida.  I graduated college with a degree psychology and occasionally work from home in various consulting positions but for the most part have focused on raising my three beautiful daughters.  Having the kids grow up in Florida has been great fun and included lots of Disney as trip to theme park each year has been a family tradition since the kids were old enough to enjoy it.  We have even taken a couple trips out to California and experienced Disneyland as well which was also a total blast.  Over all these trips my daughters have cultivated a fond love for all things Minnie Mouse.  One of the best things about Minnie Mouse is that there is a lot to explore when it comes to her as a character.  From bed sets, to clothing, to party themes, to games and beyond there are always so many ways for us parents to incorporate Disney characters into our lives.  Since Minnie Mouse has been such a big part of our lives I wanted to share with other parents the various joys of all things Walt Disney and especially Minnie Mouse.  So hold on for the ride as we celebrate on the blog all things kids and games.

A Minnie Mouse Full Of Mega Fun

Stephanie Willis