3 Tips Parents Can Use To Get There Kids Interested In School Again

As many of us parents know our kids interest in school and their studies can waver at times and it can be a bit frustrating trying to get them back on track.  Its rare that a parent ever wants to see their child fail so it can be difficult to deal with when our kids are not performing up to expectations or even basic standards.  Well I am here to say that not all hope is a lost.  Two of my daughters are very studious students but one is just not that into school and I wanted to share a few quick parenting tips I have used and that have worked to get her back on track.

School Interest Rejuvenation Parenting Tip #1 – Come Up With Creative Awards

For us it was trips to Disneyworld but this can really be anything that works for your family.  Even let your child come up with ideas for rewards for good grades. Its an age old trick but it works wonders and a promise to see Minnie Mouse once a year was usually enough to right the education ship when it was sinking.

School Interest Rejuvenation Parenting Tip #2 – Turn Learning Into A Game

School does not always have to be about boring old topics covered dryly in class by an unconnected teacher.  With modern technology and all the great new innovations kids learning games are really taking off to another level.  See what learning games are out there that match your kids deficiencies.  For our daughters it was lots of great Disney games but any fun you can interject in the learning process can go a long way towards an reigniting that thirst for knowledge from a little one.

School Interest Rejuvenation Parenting Tip #3 – Take Privileges Away

The ability to go out with friends or use the smartphone can be great bargaining tools when it comes to encouraging better grades.  Think about the privileges your children cherish the most and use them as negotiation tips for an improved focus on school.  We have taken away the car, the iphone, curfew and even a trip to Disneyworld one year all of which have been great motivators for improved scholarly performance.

Have any tips you want to share about how to kids back interested in their studies?  I would love to hear them and share them with my other readers so do not think twice about sending them on over!