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By: Stephanie Willis

Walt Disney World Christmas By The Numbers – An Infographic To Get In The Holiday Spirit

As you probably already know by now are family loves everything Disney and not only does Minnie Mouse hold a special place in my daughters heart but so too do the many times spent at Disney during the winter holidays.  Disney World is a place filled with joy much like the time of Christmas is so the two just go perfectly together and are both always great reminders of not only how fun life can be but how appreciative we should be for all the great entertainment and other resources available to us as parents in the states.  Lets take a look at this festive Disney World parks blog Christmas infographic to get a feel for just how big of event and occasion X-mass is at the Theme Park.

Walt Disney World Christmas By The Numbers –  Holiday Characters = 30

All the Disney characters are so fun with Minnie Mouse being our favorite of course but during Christmas time they really come to life with new personalities.  Minnie Mouse we usually see in a Santa Clause type outfit and kids get so excited to see the different version during the holidays.  X-mass is truly a wonderful time at Disney World and all the characters dressed up for the occasion only adds to the fun and excitement.

Walt Disney World Christmas By The Numbers – Wreaths = 1300

For Christmas our family always hand makes and decorates a giant Christmas wreath to put on the front door so needless to say we all love wreaths.  Their smell.  Their look.  Their creative nature.  Their symbolism are all things that simply make them so magical.  Our whole family was always so amazed at how awesome Walt Disney’s wreath display is and its always a special memory to our family reminiscing about wreaths.

Walt Disney World Christmas By The Numbers – X-Mass Lights = 8.5 Million

While we do not do too much in the way of lights at our house we always take trips in the family car to go look at other light displays in the neighborhood.  Some people get really into it and we love them for that.  Christmas light driving trips are sort of a holiday tradition and its so fun to go exploring and to see the families that get really into.  It always puts us in the Christmas mood and when we see the Disney light displays its no different and even more incredible.  What better way to get jazzed up for Christmas then awesome lights right!

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